November 19th 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to be a member?

Absolutely NOTHING!

Does Pinergy accept new members year round?

Definitely! You can sign up at anytime.

What areas do you cover?

All of Hartford County and some of its surrounding towns.

Why would the oil company offer such great deals to Pinergy members?

The simple but important philosophy of Power In Numbers. Because they are getting all this free business that they would never of had otherwise. Even though the profits they make off Pinergy members are much lower than what they make off their own customers, they accept this because of the large amount of business we offer them. The oil company benefits by decreased marketing and overhead costs. The combination of the large, guaranteed business, and the decreased marketing costs, gives them a fail-safe way to still make a profit while allowing us to benefit as well.

Is Pinergy’s oil supplier a Full-Service provider that offers service contracts?

Yes. We will only contract with Full-Service, fully insured oil companies that offer the full spectrum of services. The annual service contract, which is optional, includes the annual cleaning, all basic parts, and labor costs on burner 24/7.

Why are oil prices so high?

The recent insanity is mostly the result of market timing amongst traders and OPEC’s refusal to build up reserves with the weakening of the U.S. dollar. International oil companies sell their crude in U.S. Dollars while they operate around the world using local currencies to pay for wages, benefits, taxes and various costs. Therefore, the weakening dollar affects world oil supply and drives up the oil prices.

The old days when the main component for setting prices was determined by the basic philosophy of supply and demand is over. The oil market is extremely volatile now because of many factors: Problems in the Mid-East; The potential disruption of flow from Iran; Civil wars in North Africa; Instability with the elections in South America; China’s increased oil consumption; The supposed problems with our refineries. All these issues along with the problems with hurricanes and the disruption they have with supplies compound the problems that result in higher wholesale prices. Even though all these problems exist, it still does not explain the exorbitant retail prices being charged by heating oil companies. Because Pinergy’s prices are tied directly to the wholesale prices, we are guaranteed not to be overcharged. You can rest at ease in knowing you will always pay the fairest, and most likely, lowest price around.

Can my sister in Stamford join?

Not yet. Currently, Pinergy’s coverage area is all of Hartford County and some surrounding towns. I will eventually be adding suppliers in other counties and then would be able to accept members in those areas. You can have your sister contact me by phone or on the ‘contact us’ page on this site and I will let her know the second I add an oil supplier in her area.