June 17th 2024

All that comes with your Free Membership

  • It’s Free! Unlike similar groups or coop’s, it cost absolutely nothing to be a member.
  • NO manipulative sales pitch to pressure you into a high fixed price for the winter.
  • No more being gouged by your oil company.
  • No bogus initial low ball price where you get robbed on all future deliveries.
  • The lowest weekly prices that are guaranteed to be a fixed margin above wholesale prices. As wholesale prices drop, immediately so does your price.
  • When set… the absolute best Price Protection around at NO additional cost.
  • Delivery and Service from a fully insured, established, and well known oil company.
  • Deep discounts on optional service contracts to assure your heater is operating at peak performance.
  • Automatic Delivery.
  • Budget plans available at Pinergy margins.

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