Future Members

No matter what time of the year or season we are in, it is always a good time to join our free heating oil buyers group. Being a Pinergy member you no longer need to worry about paying too much for heating oil. Because of the power of our large group of heating oil consumers like you, we are able to always get the fairest and in most case the lowest price around. The profits the oil companies make off Pinergy members are much lower than what they make off their own customers. This is accomplished by setting a fixed margin over wholesale prices thereby eliminating price manipulation, low-balling and gouging. There really is POWER IN NUMBERS! The best part is that it cost nothing to be a member and save. That’s right, it’s FREE! The more people we get the more power we have.

All it takes to join is to sign up on this website or call me at 860-833-4832. If you sign up here, I will give you a call as soon as I receive your information. You will no longer have to worry about getting ripped off from your oil company. Once you sign up, you will begin to reap the benefits all Pinergy members enjoy. Our supplier is one of the oldest and most well-known oil company in all of Hartford County.

Who are Pinergy Members?

Anyone in need of high quality #2 Heating Oil. This includes residential households as well as commercial businesses.

Area’s Covered

Pinergy cover’s all of Hartford County as well as all of the towns/cities immediately outside of Hartford County.  Please feel free to call me at 860-833-4832 if you are not sure if your area is covered.

Oil delivered on 7/18/2024:   $2.899/gallon

We cover all Hartford County and surrounding Counties as long as the property is not too far over the Hartford County line.