July 19th 2024

How and why Pinergy was created…

Pinergy was formed in 2003 to combat excessive heating oil prices. Being that I always lived in a condo or apartment, I never had to deal with the purchase of heating oil. The places I lived always included heat with the rent, and in any case the heat source was always gas. During a short stint in early 2003 I moved in with my father while house searching. My father being the sort that never price shops, and considering his neighbor of 20 years owned the oil company, he never questioned the amount he was charged for heating oil. I on the other hand am not as trusting, so I immediately questioned the price he and my sister in Simsbury were being charged. Using the power of two potential new customers, I made a few phone calls and did some negotiating and found I was able to save them on average 65-75 cents per gallon for the rest of the winter. Considering it was January, I was able to save them approximately $675 each for the rest of the winter. Once the word got out what I was able to save my father and sister, I was asked by other family and friends if I could get them the same deal. The ball kept rolling from there and I started to realize the more people I added to the group the more negotiating power and influence I had with the oil companies. This is where the name Pinergy came from. Power in Numbers merged with Energy. It just makes sense that the more customers a home heating oil supplier can be guaranteed, the better the price and service will be for everyone.


State of CT HOD #657